Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P

Main Features:

Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P
All-round Protection in Full High-definition Video

Works With the Google Assistant / alexa

360° Vision Means Full Home Protection
The dual motor head enables the camera to rotate and capture a full 360° horizontal view and 96° vertical view.
The camera’s shockproof design and quiet motor allow the rotation to remain smooth and silent.

A New & Better Night Vision
The F2.1 aperture allows more light intake, while the 8-bulb 940nm infrared illuminator increases visibility. Viewing in the dark has now become easier.

Full Colour in Low Light
The all-new low-light true color technology allows you to see a full-color palette even in the later
hours of the day, without reverting to infrared illumination that can only provide a black and white picture.

Advanced Video Encoding Technology
This all-new video encoding technology allows smoother streaming and reduces bandwidth without compromising on detail. Encoding is able to keep the same pixel count and bit rate while using half the storage of H.264 encoding.

Instant Alerts With Motion Detection
Through the integration of deep learning technology and focused optimization of the algorithms and network software, the camera is able to accurately determine when to alert you and notifies you on your phone.

Talkback Feature (2-way Audio)
No matter where you are, you can always talk to your family using the camera.

Conveniently Store Videos
Supports Network Attached Storage (NAS). Network devices or routers with storage capabilities can be used to store files that are backed up from SD cards to NAS storage devices.

View Recorded Videos on Your Smartphone or Tablet With Playback Speed Up to 16x
Check on your home from anywhere and fast forward recorded video at 2x/4x/16x speed. Store video using microSD and network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

Install Upright or Inverted
The camera is pre-installed with the rotation base and can be placed on a table, window, ceiling or wall.
Inverted installation is possible with a minor camera setting change.

Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P Price

Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P Price History

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Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P Overview

Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P Full Specification

Focal length3,9mm
Expandable memoryMicroSD card (up to 64GB)
Working temperature-10℃ ~ 50℃
Wireless connectivityWi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
Net weight239g
Power input5V/2A
Lens angle110°
Compatible withAndroid 4.4, IOS 9.0 or later
Package contentsMi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p x 1
User guide x 1
Power Cable x 1
Wall-hanging Accessories Bag x 1

Note: This Specification was obtained from xiaomi official website. Actual results may vary slightly depending on the environment.

6 thoughts on “Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P”

  1. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  When I’m not at home. I used to use WiFi camera to check if my cat is okay at home. My old camera is a bigger and slower one. When I remote it, I often can not catch my cat because he running too fast. After I got this new camera, its fanatic, it move very fast and smooth and my cat will never know i’m watching him (the old one has voice when i remote it). I also very recommend the palyback function. If you want find something, you can easily find what you need in it, because all the video you can see in the storage is a picture not word. I’m so happy to have it, and prepare buy another one put in my bedroom.

  2. I bought this product to use as a baby monitor. When I was doing my research, I was looking for a monitor which is affordable, easy to use and has a decent night vision. This monitor satisfies all the above.Let’s start with the look. It looks sleek yet functional. The camera can move 360 degrees to cover all the angles.The installation is very simple. I installed the Mi home app from the app store and it took me about 2 minutes to pair the monitor with my phone. The platform of the app is pretty straight forward as well.The quality of the pictures is beyond my expectations. The high-resolution monitor captures all the motions of my baby. You can also take a picture or record the video while monitoring what’s going on.The night vision is very clear. I thought that I need to at least keep a night light on to support the night vision. But you don’t need any light other than the monitor itself. The picture quality of the night vision is very good. I can know exactly what’s going on in the nursery room.The only concern that I have is the safety issue. I read about some other people’s review that saying these kinds of affordable monitors are at risk of leaking the information. So far I have not encountered any issue yet and I hope it keeps this way. I am not sure how others can hack in the network via the camera since my home wifi is password protected. However, I am still cautious about the potential of leaking privacy.On the bottom line, yes I would recommend this product.

  3. Good product. Bought in China at a steal price and worked so well, paid retail over here in USA to add on to my monitoring. The only bad issue as mentioned by others, is that it takes anywhere from minutes to hours to days sometimes, for the alert to come thru.This in itself, defeats it being a consistent security system if it doesn’t alert you in time. Still, it does work for my needs for now.

  4. My mom has one in Hong Kong and my sister bought one from Hong Kong to use at her home here in U. S. However it was in Chinese version. So I told her I needed to buy one and she found it on Amazon. It was easy set up and everything was in English and with USB cord. This camera is by far the best one I have searched. Highly recommended!!

  5. This is my 3rd buy. The product is solid. It can be easily mounted on the wall. The view angle is good and the camera rotation is smooth and noise-less. If you want video history, you need to buy a micro-SD card. Considering the price, I don’t think I should complain about anything so far.

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